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Our Story

The Little Roundabout is an online store showcasing a beautiful collection of new and pre-owned women’s and children’s designer clothing, toys and accessories.

How We Started

The Little Roundabout was created when I was deciding what to do with my children’s designer and premium label clothing, their good quality toys and all the clothes and fashion accessories I had accumulated that just weren’t required anymore.

I had not been prepared for the amount of “stuff” that came with the arrival of my children and I quickly learned that little babies grow up into big kids and with each phase a truckload of “stuff” wasn’t required anymore. I had no room in my home to store them and packing them in boxes just seemed like such a waste of beautiful things.

I shared clothes and toys with family and friends and donated many items to charity. At the same time, I had two young children and very little opportunity to shop for myself. I was lucky enough to have a sister (aka personal stylist), give me so many of her gorgeous clothes and accessories. I came to thinking how wonderful it was to give away items that still had life in them to parents in need and I appreciated receiving clothes and accessories that I didn’t have to search hours and hours for.

I wanted to create an online consignment store for parents like myself, who had invested money and precious time searching for beautiful clothes & toys and wanted someone else to enjoy these items just as much as we had! The Little Roundabout is an easy, safe and convenient way to shop and sell on consignment.

– Jasmine

How It Works

We offer a simple consignment service, where we sell your items for you. At the end of your consignment period, you can collect your payout for the items that have sold. We are excited about creating a community of like-minded fashionistas who want to share beautiful things that they no longer need for various reasons – they don’t fit us anymore, we have changed our mind, we are environmentally and socially conscious and want to recycle, we want to de-clutter or just want to make some extra money.

All products are ‘like new’ and range from high quality designer labels to everyday premium brands that we know & love!

An important part of our philosophy is that we have a choice to take care of each other – we choose to care about the community and organisations that are doing good in the world, and we help support them by donating goods, money & our time to various charities.

Once you have your consignment payout you may choose to donate your money to a cause close to your heart or to a charity highlighted by The Little Roundabout.

We are recycling, re-purposing and bringing new life to beautiful products. We are encouraging people to declutter and get organised and think about where our stuff goes when we’re done with it. It’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s fun and it’s moving away from a culture of hoarding things we don’t need to a simple and satisfying life.

It’s good for our soul, our purses and most of all Mother Earth.