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Welcome to The Little Roundabout

Hi There! My name is Jasmine and I am the creator of The Little Roundabout online store – a place where you can shop and sell pre-loved clothing. I am a mum of two kind, creative, curious and fun loving boys (Mr C & Mr A) and they are part of the reason why I wanted to create TLR – I knew I had to do something to show my children that we as individuals can make a positive change in the world by recycling, re-using and reducing our fashion waste. I am passionate about doing our part – however big or small in helping to keep our planet healthy and thrive so that my children, your children and future generations can enjoy and be in awe of our planet earth and all that it has to offer.

The Little Roundabout is a small family business with me at the helm developing the business idea, my very talented and stylish sister Fotina looking after our social media, PR and everything to do with creatively communicating our story to you. And, my husband Angelo takes care of IT, admin and all things that need to be done behind the scenes – far too much to list here! We work together to create a welcoming community that we hope you will love being part of – we’re excited to share our stories and learn about your experiences in living a healthier, cleaner, simpler and more sustainable lifestyle.

Our blog will feature a collection of articles from our TLR team and we’re excited about having our friends contribute too. Together we can help each other be more mindful about how we impact our environment and share our everyday stories, practical eco-friendly ideas, useful tools and tips on making better choices in looking after our planet.

Welcome to The Little Roundabout. We hope you enjoy the ride!


  • Nadia

    I love the concept and the motivation behind your business. We all are responsible for taking care of our planet, and recycling clothes is a great way of doing that. I love recycled clothes, because they are unique, cheap and do not go for waste. Thank you!

    June 14, 2019
  • Sandra

    I have just found your site…..Love…Love…Love… what you have created you should be very proud of yourself and your two young boys have awesome role models. Well done I will be spreading the word about The Little Roundabout 🙂

    June 16, 2020

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